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February 1, 2019

Our car died today. Big time. Out on the free way.

Welcome to February.


February 2, 2019

Car is in to be fixed, we hope. but in the meantime, Russ rented a van for a week. We went to De Soto National Wildlife Refuge! What a great day, too -- hardly anyone around. Eagles everywhere, deer, turkeys, hawks -- very nice. And foggy on the way down and the way back which was lovely.

Yeah, that helped.


February 3, 2019

We went for a nice ride today. It was good to get out again. We might get a bit of snow next week, so who knows what could happen?

We won't know anything about the car for a while. It's bound to be bad, of course -- but what can you do? And it's not as though things are horrible. We're doing fine.


February 4, 2019

Okay, I admit that I expected to have done more in January. I just didn't. I wrote. I edited -- but I didn't push anything. I'm still not pushing stuff. Everything is going fine in the writing, but I am not making that 'get ready to publish' move.

I can't decide if that is just an 'it happens' sort of reaction or if I should push more.



February 5, 2019

Well, yes. My back is out big time. I was already not feeling great and this has just pushed me over the edge. Enough of this!

Have I talked about writing? Shadows of Cairo is doing fine. I'm enjoying it. Edits on Sleeper Awake for Wattpad is moving along quite nicely again. I have not started the edits for Devlin 4, but I will soon. Then, when that's done, I'll update the first four Devlin books and release #5.

See, I do have plans.

I'm just not working on them very well.


Februray 6, 2019

Back is still giving me trouble. Spending a lot of time in bed, reading.

And you know, that's been fun. I'm reading the Cherryh (and now with Fancher) books in timeline order, starting with Heavy Time. Yes, it's intereresting. She said where the Foreigner stuff falls into line, though they really aren't connected -- a Cyteen ship that went far out of range and never made it home? -- so I will not read all of those this time, but I am going to work through everything else because it has been years for a lot of them.

It's fun. You can't ask for more than that!


February 7, 2019

We had some snow finally. Not more than an inch or so, but it does make things look a lot nicer out there.

I am having trouble focusing the last few days. Back is getting better, though, so that should help. With luck, I'll be moving around much better by this weekend.

It's all gone odd. I need focus again.


February 8, 2019

Yeah, that focus stuff would be nice about now.

I guess we are going to have more snow tomorrow? Sunday? Good?

Maybe it can snow me some focus. And words. Not that I've given up writing; it's just that I would like it to be a little easier for a while.

I'm one month from my birthday. I need to start a new book on March 8th and I'm kind of low on ideas right now. I'm sure something will pop up.

Come along little plot bunnies. I need you!


February 9, 2019

We had a nice little ride tonight. Saw a couple hawks. We'd expected better, but it seemed that everyone was off hiding for the day. We might have a touch of weather in the next couple days, so maybe that drove them into warm spots? Who knows.

Sleeper Awake has moved very nicely through the first run of edits/rewrites. I can't decide if the story is working or not. I think I need a bit more depth in a few places. I already knew I was going through another edit, so that doesn't bother me.

I will get it done. Just going to take a bit longer than I expected.


February 10, 2019

Russ is off to Omaha today to game with a friend. If I had been feeling better, I would have gone to the zoo. That's okay. I had a nice day at home. Did a little bit of rearranging -- not much since my back has been iffy -- and got a few other things done. Wrote. Did pictures. Generally had a nice quiet day.

Russ brought pizza home. Life is good.

Ice on the Missouri River

February 11, 2019

We actually had some snow today. Enough to finally cover the ground. I got a few nice shots.

I am about to get the last chapter of Sleeper Awake done in this run through. Yay!

Other than that? Not a lot to say today. We're still watching Castle episodes every day. How odd is that? Watched the last lecture in the meteorology course, too. Russ gets to pick the next one.

Fun stuff.


February 12, 2019

Working on getting the novels done before my birthday. My publishing plans for my birthday are to get all five of the Devlin novels up (4 newly edited, 1 brand new -- all with new matching covers), and to get Sleeper Awake started on Wattpad.

Sounds like a reasonable plan until I thought about this being a short month.

Hmmm. Well, back to work.

the Lion in Winter

February 13, 2019

Russ choose a class on Rome for our new course from Great Courses. It was a bit odd off the start because the guy seems a bit too theatrical at first -- but you know, after a little bit you get used to him and he's got a great delivery. This is fun!

Other than that -- quiet days. I'm still studying Latin and still doing the course on Photoshop. Really nothing to complain about!

Buffy sleeps

February 14, 2019

Nice, quiet Valentine's day. Pizza! At home! Neither of us are really go out into the crowds sort of people, you know. Russ more so than me, but we don't mind the quiet.

I played around with teddy bears and toy tea sets to get a nice little picture. I can't really set up things for even the little studio because of the lack of plugins, but it was still fun. I need to do that more often.

Right. And avoid some of the writing?

That's not going to work.

cute bears having tea

February 15, 2019

So, I'm like 3 weeks from being 65. This does not seem possible. Really, just not possible.

I don't know how to feel.

So I'm just going to keep writing and stuff and pretend like I'm still 20 something. Seems wise to me.

De Soto in the Snow

February 16, 2019

We took the rental car down to DeSoto today, making a run before the snow. They had more of the refuge open than usual in the winter and I love some of the shots I got! Wow, that was nice! Lots of geese, turkeys, and some great eagles again!

And snow back here at home tonight. That's fun.

Getting things done. Lots of things. Really.


February 17, 2019

I am glad we did get out yesterday because we actually had a lot of snow last night. So now we're all nestled into the house, watching shows, reading, working on stuff. It's nice.

My plan for birthday publication is to have Devlin 5 ready to go, and all four of the previous books edited and ready to load back up again. This should be interesting. I am already on #4 and getting close to done, so unless #5 is far worse than I remember ... yeah, this is possible.

I am still having trouble with my idea for a new novel to start on the 8th, though. Ack.

My fun house

February 18, 2019

Still have snow out there. LOL. In fact, it looks as though we might be getting quite a bit more soon. Later than everyone else, but at least it's white out there and not just dead brown and gray.

And because it came so late, it won't be around for all that long. We usually lose the snow by mid-March, though we also often get snow storms all the way into April. The snow just doesn't stick around, which is kind of the best kind if it means spring is coming.

We can start thinking about spring now. Yay!

Snow Field

February 19, 2019

We have the car back! And it runs great!

We took it out for a quick little ride and then out to dinner -- before the snow hit. It's good to have it back. I didn't mind the van -- I like cars that sit up higher -- but Russ wasn't comfortable in it at all. And the Crown Vic has a much better heater. Always nice in the midst of winter!

Other than that -- well, we're broke from car repairs and rentals, but we've survived it. Things will get better again now. No more worry about what that odd sound in the car is, so we can go on nice drives.

If the weather gets better.

Stares at snow.


February 20, 2019

We had enough snow that Russ actually worked from home! Mr. Lion out in the yard does not look happy, either. But I am. It's lovely! And it looks as though there might yet be more.

Well, it can back off a bit now. We do have the car back so we could go places and check out things again -- if the weather isn't too bad. You know, you just can't win in cases like this. I might as well just enjoy the sight of the snow. Someone should.


February 21, 2019

I finished Devlin 4 tonight. I need to leap right into Devlin 5 and get through it. I'm lucky that it is a shorter novel, with a short story attached to the end. It shouldn't be too hard to clean up because I have done a couple edits on it already.

And then what will I do?

Oh, there are plenty of other works floating around to be edited and put out for the public. I shouldn't have trouble with that. I'm more worried about coming up with new novels.

Looks like more winter weather coming in over the weekend. What strange stuff we have lately. This time freezing drizzle and snow, drizzle, snow, snow, snow.

Bring it on. I'm ready.

(Ready to hide out in the house and not have to deal with it at all!)